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Aug 30, 2016

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Coaching Info: If you have a home business in network marketing, chances are, you’d love to have your spouse or significant other involved. You’d love them to dig in and start developing and growing this business right alongside of you. But truth is, many partners don’t jump on board and may not even support them as they get started in their home business.

Many times it has to do with the amount of time being spent on the computer, on the phone, and the obsessive talking about the business is turning the spouse into an angry spouse.

Angry they don’t get as much time with them anymore. They were angry that household tasks are being overlooked. Also angry that they are posting workout pictures of themselves on social media.

There are many other reason’s why a spouse may not be supportive, but there is one thing that usually changes that really fast. Money.

Once there is a steady stream of income that continues to climb each week, is when the spouse see’s that this may actually be a legitimate job.

Network marketing is very lucrative and is pretty common nature for people to have something on the side.

Whether they are involved with a MLM so they can get the products they love to use cheaper, or in it to develop a steady source of income – having a plan b or involved in network marketing is pretty common.

It is said that 1 in 3 people are part of an MLM / Network Marketing company.

So why does it have such a bad name? Mostly because of age old stereotypes and companies. But ignorance can NOT be your best friend here! Consider what has changed in just the past 2 decades?

Technology, Careers, Way of life!

Back in the 1990’s, it was the best thing ever to carry around a beeper so that you can quickly get paged and run to a pay phone to call that secret number.

Today… it’s hard to find a 6 year old who doesn’t already have their own smartphone.

Professions have changed. With the internet becoming mainstream in the 1990’s, a whole new world opened up to us.

We aren’t limited to being selected out of a line up of interviewee’s for a job at the office building down the street, but we could create a profession and opportunity all for ourselves and market it online.

Today, it’s MUCH easier to develop business skills, success, and income, especially in Network Marketing. There is no risk and you take all the benefit of getting your feet wet, developing your skills, and expertise completely supported with a major company.

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