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Apr 25, 2019

WHO, WHERE, & HOW to Share Coaching & Products- EXAMPLE MESSAGE

Do you have a hard time asking someone to join your fitness challenge group?  Or sharing your business opportunity with someone?

Would you like to be a fly on the wall with getting a new coach started and how to invite your contacts to check out what...

Apr 11, 2019

Mistakes New Network Marketers Make!

Despite all the negativity and myths about network marketing, it is a viable, affordable way to create extra income from home. Unfortunately, people who get involved in network marketing make mistakes they probably wouldn’t make if they had a good understanding on the etiquette of...

Apr 1, 2019

What you MUST STOP posting on Facebook to INCREASE Engagement!... and the TOP ways to Increase traffic Interactions!

Let’s start with the latest analytics gathered from BuzzSumo on what is the best day, time, length of content that gets the most engagement.

I’ll also share the top 3 kinds of videos to post and...