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Jan 25, 2019

I’m going to share with you a SIMPLE strategy that will give you days, weeks, months of content, build your following, grow your business, and actually connect you on a deeper level with so many more people.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of my systems, processes, & challenges lately. Kinda cleaning house, going back to basics.

It’s impossible to not question yourself, what you are doing, and why something might not be working as easily for you as it is perceived to be for others.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, I found myself digging back into an online training program with one of my mentors, Bo Eason.

I’m sharing this with you as I hope you will take what I’m sharing as something you put as REALLY important in your development but also because this is something that I’ve learned from THE BEST.

I hope you’re excited that you’ve just unearthed a whole new level of freedom to be you, share your journey, and also have tons and tons of content!

I’m going to help you get started and give you over 100 quick ideas for stories that will connect with your following immediately.

Here's the list I mention in this audio:

10 Challenges/Struggles that you have gone through  

10 Accomplishments /Successes

10 Strengths about you

10 Things you believe in Family

10 Things you believe about life

10 things you believe about success

10 things you believe about work

10 lessons you’ve learned in personal development books

10 scariest things you’ve done

10 things you didn’t know about yourself but discovered

10 Things people may not know about you

10 daily habits that you have

10 ways you like to spend your time on the weekend

10 people who’ve had the biggest impact on your life


Christine Dwyer is the founder of the most successful team within Team Beachbody and the home fitness business as being a Coach. Being a Coach means you want to help others live a healthier and more fit lifestyle. She formed the Team Platinum Presenters in May 2008.

She has the largest organization and success in the downline and the company and helps groom entrepreneurs to achieving that success themselves.
As a fitness instructor, she has been able to help many health enthusiasts and fitness fantastic as well as fitness professionals, create a home business centered all around fitness and helping others achieve their goals.
You can find out more information by going to or fill out this form and she'll email you ASAP