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Apr 22, 2018

Creating Entrepreneurs: How To Raise Kids Who Take Risks And Find Purpose.

Interview with Brock Johnson - What it takes to start and create extra streams of income starting at a young age or even as an adult.

The Foundation of Habits for Entrepreneurism and How Parents can Start Now.  The structure, discipline, and motivation of a young entrepreneur.

Believe in the potential of kids and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age.  Parents can listen to their children, watch them find their passions, and encourage them. We ought to support our kids in doing what makes their hearts sing. Young people who do that are definitely happier. Ironically, they’re also often more successful.

Brock is the host of the Podcast Social Media Moneymakers. 

Social Media Marketing expert & Snapchat Guru, Brock Johnson, discusses the latest trends in social networking, the best online business practices for growing your brand, and latest tricks and tips on Social Media. As an online entrepreneur himself, he has successfully made a living while in college though the use of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! 

He is also the co-host of Build your Tribe with Fitness celebrity and Life & Business Coach, Chalene Johnson. 

Brock is currently an athlete as a Quarterback at UC Davis and launched his online social media training program, Unwrap Stories. 

He additionally has a 7 day content challenge program helping entrepreneurs create content for their social media profiles to connect with their target market.




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