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Jan 28, 2022

"You've tried everything they told you to do. You pushed, you hustled. Nothing is really wrong, and yet, you're unsatisfied with where you are."

How to have MORE Conversations and get more YES's in your business!


Michael Bernoff is the author of the book "Average Sucks" and specializes in communication, confidence, and connection.

He'll help you SWITCH some of the words you use that typically get more NO's or Not Right Now's, and get more YES and LET's DO IT's! 


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Christine Dwyer is the founder of the most successful team within Team Beachbody and the home fitness business as being a Coach. Being a Coach means you want to help others live a healthier and more fit lifestyle. She formed the Team Platinum Presenters in May 2008.

She has the largest organization and success in the downline and the company and helps groom entrepreneurs to achieving that success themselves.
As a fitness instructor, she has been able to help many health enthusiasts and fitness fantastic as well as fitness professionals, create a home business centered all around fitness and helping others achieve their goals.
You can find out more information by going to or fill out t