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Jan 19, 2018

When you want to start an online business, it’s hard to work for yourself. It requires discipline in your time management, organization, and follow-through.

Starting a home business doesn’t mean you have to quit your full time career to focus on developing your side hustle. Having a side hustle is one of the best decisions you can make while you still have a job that pays you an income. Growing your business will take time before you will see a return of residual income. During that time, you will encounter many objections, rejections, and doubts in your efforts. Some of it will come from you.

Learning how to manage your mindset is a critical piece for success. Doubting yourself is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

When you think of your goals or the vision of purpose, your dream, or impact can be…. Do you get freaked out? Do you not set goals because you are scared of failing? Taking the risk? Being judged?

So what do you do when those negative thoughts creep into your mindset?

It’s not that if you don’t even start or even try is saving yourself from risk of failure, you’re just failing ahead of time.

The worst thing you can do is never giving yourself value and a chance.

We’ll never regret the effort we out chasing our dreams.

Learn something from everything... and you apply it to your next direction

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. If you like to feel safe and certain, this is not the lifestyle for you.


Do you own Worst-Case Scenario Exercise. For 30 seconds (and no longer), conjure up your vision of the absolute worst that could happen if you quit your job and start your own business.  

After 30 seconds, come back to reality and leave your worst-case scenario behind. Then consider the following…

Remember that the worst-case scenario doesn’t typically come to pass. Humans seem built to worry. Thanks to our animal instincts, we always contemplate the worst instead of the best. We sit around and fear we’re going to fail, go broke, lose our assets, etc. We don’t think, “Man, if I make that much money with my business, I’m going to have to buy a big house with a big garage so that I can park my brand new car.” No, instead we go to negative town and hang out there.

Believe That Change Is Possible for You?

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