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May 29, 2018

Position Yourself as an Expert or the One to Remember Even if you’re Just Getting Started!

Launching a new business can be a daunting task and entrepreneurs need to be creative with how they stand out.

Many entrepreneurs feel they need titles, a resume, references, awards, high income, and their name in lights before they can confidently put themselves out there as “owning a business.”

As someone who's worked over the past 18 years, closely with thousand’s of individuals developing as an entrepreneur, pretty much, the majority have little to no experience, credentials, or recognition when they get first get started.

Here are some quick tips on how to position yourself as the Go-To, that will increase attention, trust, and connections from your audience even before you have a laundry list of testimonials.

  1. Establish authority by paying attention
  2. Create a quick win
  3. Create demand for yourself.


Christine Dwyer is the founder of the most successful team within Team Beachbody and the home fitness business as being a Coach. Being a Coach means you want to help others live a healthier and more fit lifestyle. She formed the Team Platinum Presenters in May 2008.

She has the largest organization and success in the downline and the company and helps groom entrepreneurs to achieving that success themselves.
As a fitness instructor, she has been able to help many health enthusiasts and fitness fantastic as well as fitness professionals, create a home business centered all around fitness and helping others achieve their goals.
You can find out more information by going to or fill out this form and she'll email you ASAP