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Apr 14, 2016 -Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make on Social Media. Building a social media presence takes a lot of time and effort. You have to engage with people continually, and communicate highly informative and/or provocative messages to stand out from the crowd.

Christine has worked for years with fitness celebrity and business coach, Chalene Johnson and Team Johnson. Chalene's Marketing Impact Academy training suite and conference is a foundation for success in your home business. 

Christine Dwyer is the founder of the Team Platinum Presenters within the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity. She has groomed the HIGHEST achieving, top earning, and largest downline and network in Coaches within the company.

As a Top Coach herself, she was the first person in the company to achieve the highest rank you can achieve in a business center, 15 Star Diamond, also known as SuperStar Diamond Coach. She additionally was the first person to achieve this top rank of 15 Star Diamond in a 2nd Business center, with the title of SuperStar Diamond II. She is an Elite Coach for 7 straight years. 1 of only 2 Coaches in the entire company to have achieved that.

She was just awarded the top honor in the company, Team Beachbody, the CEO Award for 2014 at this years 2015 Beachbody Summit. 

She was the first person to achieve the honor and award voted by the network and her peers, the Leadership Award for 2011. 

She hosts her own weekend Fitness and Business Marketing Conference each year, The Platinum Edge.