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Sep 29, 2015


Do you struggle building your home business? Wondering what the best techniques are to building your network marketing business?  Get A Home Business Started.

Featured here is a Beachbody Coach Michelle Myers who has been signed up as a coach with Team Platinum Presenters and Team Beachbody for years and has created great success as a leader but also in setting herself apart with her own brand and following. 

To build a solid foundation for your business, you must first identify your typical customer and tailor your marketing pitch accordingly.  The better you understand your customer, the faster your business will grow.  Every brand has a personality. One personality isn't “better” than the other.  If you struggle finding leads, prospects, and speaking to your target market, this periscope interview will help you build your personal brand. 


Christine Dwyer is the founder of the Team Platinum Presenters within the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity. She has groomed the HIGHEST achieving, top earning, and largest downline and network in Coaches within the company.

As a Top Coach herself, she was the first person in the company to achieve the highest rank you can achieve in a business center, 15 Star Diamond, also known as SuperStar Diamond Coach. She additionally was the first person to achieve this top rank of 15 Star Diamond in a 2nd Business center, with the title of SuperStar Diamond II. 

She was just awarded the top honor in the company, Team Beachbody, the CEO Award for 2014 at this years 2015 Beachbody Summit. 

She was the first person to achieve the honor and award voted by the network and her peers, the Leadership Award for 2011. 

She hosts her own weekend Fitness and Business Marketing Conference each year, The Platinum Edge. 

You can find out more about coaching by going to

Reach out to Christine if you would like to find out more about becoming a Beachbody Coach yourself and personally work with her as a mentor with coaching with Team Beachbody.