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The Platinum Edge Podcast

Dec 23, 2015

How to get customers for your online business. In this video you'll learn specific marketing tactics you can use immediately to get new customers and new followers. Learn how to build an opt-in page to grow your email list.
Use Facebook to capture new contacts.
No matter what you sell,...

Dec 16, 2015


Fan Page Vs. a Profile on Facebook. Facebook page over profile. There is a lot of confusion about if you should have a Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page. Also, people aren't clear on what the difference might be as...

Dec 8, 2015


Getting started in your home business takes a lot of change and effort in your life to become a success. Some can bully their ways through and others try and give up easy.  Entrepreneurs who are all talk, continue to show up in their business saying,...

Dec 2, 2015


(This was recorded while filming Periscope.)

Effective entrepreneurs working to build their home business online and using social media marketing to gain success, appear again and again to display certain characteristics.  Ineffective entrepreneurs tend to...

Nov 21, 2015


(This was recorded while driving. I apologize for some noise interference every so often with the microphone.)

To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to make sacrifices.  Sacrifices look different to each person. But your growth and development to...